Empowering your students to achieve their goals with flexibility.

With myAbundant, you can let your students get what they want and pay for it later, while you get paid upfront. It’s a win-win.

Empowering your students to achieve their goals with flexibility.

With myAbundant, you can let your students get what they want and pay for it later, while you get paid upfront. It’s a win-win.

Globally renowned coaches put their trust in us.

Cayla Craft

Gerard Adams

Julianne Hough

Mike DeRose

Chase Craft

Cayla Craft

Gerard Adams

Julianne Hough

Mike DeRose

Chase Craft

Revenue growth, 
served on a silver platter.

Every student approved

No declines, 100% approval rate to drive up your revenue and conversion rate.

Let us manage payments and retention

Keep your focus on your strengths, while we service your student’s payment plans.

Consistent working capital and cash flow.

Enjoy the advantages of upfront cash for your payment plan and monthly recurring income.

In-house payment and collections team

We protect the coach to student relationship. Our experienced team is dedicated to your success and helping you grow your business.

Talk with our 
team now

Let’s see how we can support your students,  and your business.

More money, less stress.

The future of lending for coaches, course creators, and facilitators is here.

More money, less stress.

The future of lending for coaches, course creators, and facilitators is here.

Payment management and collections are not something you should have to handle.

Our services safeguard the coach-student dynamic by letting us handle payments so you can focus on what you do best, coaching.

Let us take care of the back-end while you focus on growing your business, creating new courses, and providing more value to your students.

Free up your time and energy,
focus on what’s important.

Fully Automated Process. Zero Wait Time.

100% Approval Rate:
No Declines, Ever.

Funds Available 
to You Within 24-48 hrs


Years of experience


Coaches helped


Additional revenue made

myAbundant guarantee:  All students funded

To preserve your conversion rates, we ensure that every single one of your clients who applies through myAbundant will receive funding.
This unique product offering is made possible through our in-house funding process.
As a direct lender, we customize and tailor their financial plan to the programs you offer.
Our fully automated process guarantees that approvals for funding are instantaneous.

With us, no more:

✦ Price objections

✦ Declined Credit Cards

✦ Limited working capital

✦ Payment hassles

✦ Lost or Uncaptured Revenue

✦ Email follow ups

Guaranteed Funding + No Lag Time = Real-Time Conversions

See What Our Partners Have to Say About Us

From the COO of a multi-million dollar company to the person reading this trying to decide if having Abundant Serving in their pocket is worth it…the answer is a resounding YES! Having Abundant Servicing on our side has been a true game changer. Before Abundant Servicing, we spent at least 20 man-hours a week chasing after failed or missed payments, changing payment information, and fighting unwarranted chargebacks. By utilizing them, I’m saving not only my team and myself a considerable amount of time, but I’m saving the company money. If you’re looking at this, you know that list goes on and on. Now that we have Abundant, gone are the days of stressing over lost revenue from payment plans, the headaches of keeping overly detailed information “just in case”, feeding into customers’ stories, and trying to justify a refund or cancellation despite it being against policy. The best part is that your company is just as important to them as it is to you, and they take it all on for you!

Kimie C.
COO Mommy Millionaire

MyAbundant Servicing allowed us to serve a new client base that we were unable to properly service up to this point, increasing sales by 15%. Like most business owners, we deal with a lot of contractors and have a multitude of needs. We have yet to come across a team that has delivered the experience that Chase, Chris, and the team at myAbundant delivered for our business.  They not only over delivered on their product capabilities, but they also made a small business feel like we were an enterprise-level client. The level of personalized service, time, and care that went into each phase of our working relationship was absolutely remarkable. It truly was a win for everyone involved.

Mike DeRose
CFO Digital Business Evolution

After a few failed attempts with other providers, we were introduced to Abundant. I was skeptical at first, based on my experience with other vendors not being able to deliver what they promised. To my surprise, the team at Abundant turned out to be the partner I was looking for all along – they even helped us increase our conversion rates with their 100% approval program. We can finally focus on our programming and not have to worry about managing the payment processes. We’re thrilled and our students/clients are as well!

Neil F.
COO Kinrgy 
Group 16

Rated 5 stars by over 100+ coaches 


Yes, it sure is!  myAbundant is partnered with Centrex Software, who works directly with brokers, lenders (like myAbundant), banks, investors, fintechs, and more. The Centrex “brain” behind myAbundant is incredibly secure. They consider physical, hardware, software, and logical security levels when collecting and storing personal information. Security is their top priority (and myAbundant’s too!) You can read more about Centrex’s security here.

When you are approved by myAbundant you are contractually committing to a monetary payment plan that you agree to pay back. The payment plan will include a financing service fee, and possibly a credit card processing fee (unless you pay using ACH bank Transfer for repayment!)

Nope! All credit checks done by myAbundant are soft credit pulls and will have no effect on your credit score.

Yes! myAbundant offers services to those outside of the US. International applicants who don’t have a US credit score will still qualify for a payment plan.


One thing to note, myAbundant is only able to offer international applicants the ability to make payments with credit cards. ACH transactions currently will not work with international bank accounts.

Payments for your payment plan will happen weekly.

ACH stands for “automated clearing house”… basically, think of it as an automatically transferred debit transaction from a checking or savings account. When you pay with ACH you provide your bank account details to myAbundant through Plaid (a super secure way to share your banking details. Read more here) and they automatically withdraw funds each week. There are no extra fees for paying with ACH because it is a bank-to-bank transaction.


However, paying with a Credit or Debit card requires a third party to be involved (usually Visa or Mastercard) and they add fees into the transaction. You are welcome to use your Credit or Debit card to pay myAbundant for your membership to our site, but it would add a small transactional fee on top.


To skip those small transactional fees we recommend you pay myAbundant using ACH.


Please note, ACH is unavailable for international applicants.

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Empowering your students to achieve their goals with flexibility.

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